Hart College of Cardiac Sonography & Health Care Inc.

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Hart College: Bringing Affordable, Quality Healthcare Education to All

For over 28 years, the leadership team behind Hart College of Cardiac Sonography and Health Care Inc. has been providing top-notch medical imaging and diagnostic services through their network of clinics across the Greater Toronto Area.  Hart College is located in the Scarborough neighbourhood of Toronto and is registered as a private career college. It is founded to help adults pursue further Healthcare Education and training to advance their careers in healthcare. Hart College is committed to making affordable healthcare education accessible to all, especially newcomers to Canada, recent immigrants, refugees, and those on work permits.

The founders of Hart College recognized the barriers many faced in pursuing higher education and training, from financial constraints to language and cultural differences. They are determined to break down the barriers and create pathways to success for everyone, regardless of background or circumstances.

Experienced Leadership, Proven Results

The management team at Hart College has a successful track record spanning over two decades in the healthcare industry. This first-hand experience allows them to develop highly practical vocational programs that impart industry-relevant skills.

The leadership’s entrepreneurial spirit also means running a lean operation. To keep tuition costs low without compromising on quality or student support resources.

Affordable Healthcare Education

Hart College understands that many face financial barriers in pursuing higher education. Like recent immigrants and refugees to those on work permits. By avoiding excessive overhead, they Offer programs like Personal Support Worker, Health Office Administrator and other upcoming vocational programs at a fraction of what other colleges charge.

This affordable tuition model opens doors for those who may have thought a rewarding healthcare education was out of reach due to cost.

Flexible Learning for Busy Lives

In addition, Hart College’s programs offer flexible scheduling with evening, weekend, and online classes to accommodate students juggling work, family, and other responsibilities.

Flexible Payment Option

Hart College aims to provide flexible payment options to make continuing your healthcare education affordable and manageable. Students are encouraged to contact their billing office to discuss payment plans and options that meet their financial needs, Installment options are also available.

Financial Aid for affordable healthcare education

Hart College understands that paying for education can be a challenging task. That’s why they have a dedicated Financial Aid Department to assist students in finding the most suitable financial aid options. Their expert team can guide you through the process of identifying which financial aid programs you are eligible for.

Comprehensive Support for Newcomers

For newcomers facing linguistic or cultural challenges, they provide support services including tutoring, mentorship, and career planning. Their goal is to help new Canadians integrate successfully into healthcare fields.

A Partner in Student Success

Underpinning everything at Hart College are their core values of integrity, accountability, and treating students as partners. With real-world expertise from leadership, Hart College is invested in empowering each student’s success.

As Canada’s demographic landscape continues to shift, Hart College remains committed to opening doors and creating inclusive opportunities in healthcare for all.