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Food Handler Certificate | Rising Demand in Scarborough 2024

As food safety regulations increase and Scarborough’s food industry grows, demand for certified food handlers is expected to rise over the next few years. A food handler’s certificate signals to potential employers that you have essential food safety knowledge.

Careers Requiring a Food Handler Certificate

Many jobs involve food handling and require certification. Here are a few in-demand careers in Scarborough that require a food handler’s certificate:

Restaurant Cooks
  • Prepare, season, and cook food in restaurants and other dining establishments.
Fast Food Counter Attendants
  • Serve food, beverages, and takeout orders directly to customers.
Kitchen Helpers
  • Assist cooks and chefs with food preparation tasks like washing produce.
  • Prepare and serve specialty dishes for events and functions.

Getting Certified in Scarborough

Public Health Scarborough offers an accredited food handler certification course and exam. The course covers crucial food safety, sanitization, personal hygiene, and hazard prevention topics. Convenient online and in-person sessions are available.

Investing in a food handler’s certificate can open doors to steady food service jobs and demonstrate an understanding of safe food handling practices to employers. With demand rising for dining establishments across Scarborough, a certificate positions job seekers for success in 2024 and beyond.