Hart College of Cardiac Sonography & Health Care Inc.

Hart College of Cardiac Sonography and Healthcare Inc.

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

First, we can’t thank you enough for sending a student our way! Our students’ success in their healthcare career is our top priority. 

Their future will be brighter working in a healthcare career that is stable and steady. By gaining a PSW certificate or HOA Diploma, they are filling the gap in healthcare for many generations to come. 

Refer a student to any of Hart College’s programs (35 weeks or more) and receive $500. Referrer must provide the correct and true information. Students being referred must enroll, pay the non-discounted, regular price of tuition in full before class is started, and be faithfully attending all class sessions in person for at least 30 days. 

To refer a student to Hart College, please fill this form out and we will send you a payment automatically after the student has completed all requirements.